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  1. Episode 08 - Microaggressions & the Workplace

    In Episode 8 of the WLN Speak Up Podcast, we are joined by Erika Saldivar (Dir, Special Projects), Sarah Tullo (Sales Manager), Chawn Jackson (Sr. Dir, Talent Acquisition), Lauryn King (Sr. Auditor), and Gauri Paydenkar (Dir, Pricing & Revenue Mgmt), as they discuss “Microaggressions & The Workplace.”   During this ...


  2. Episode 07 - Bringing your Whole Self to Work

    In Episode 7 of the WLN Speak Up Podcast, we are joined by Cassandra McFadden (Director, Energy Mgmt) and Christine Coutts (Community Consultant) as they discuss what it means to “Bring Your Whole Self to Work.”  If you are interested in beginning your journey toward being more authentic, vulnerable, and seen for who ...


  3. Episode 06 - Navigating Work and Home as a Single Parent

    In this episode, we are joined by a group of AvalonBay associates; Jennifer Cooper (Project Manager), Denise Evans (Regional Operations Manager), Josh Spalasso (Health & Safety Director), Gina Roberts (Portfolio Operations Director), and David Ridlehuber (Superintendent II), who share their experiences managing work and home as single parents.  Their stories ...


  4. Episode 05 - 2021 Keep Doing List

    Throughout 2020, we heard from AvalonBay associates who were discovering or rediscovering things that brought value and meaning to their lives – things they want to keep doing.   In Episode 5 of the WLN Speak Up Podcast, we are joined by Jackie Todesco (SVP, Asset Mgmt), Joby Doffek (VP Operations Svcs ...


  5. Episode 04 - Finding Calm in Turbulent Times

    These are challenging times for so many of us and that’s why taking care of ourselves is more important than ever. In this episode, we are joined by three AvalonBay associates who share their journey into mindfulness techniques and how they can help us all to move forward and stay calm ...